TEDx Organizers celebrate TEDxGlobalDay2018 at Neerja Jaipur Blue Pottery

TEDx Organizers spent a day filled with activities of making Blue Pottery at Neerja International Inc. on the event of TEDxGlobalDay2018 held on September 29, 2018.

TEDx representative students from various schools and colleges had come out the first time with hands-on experience & to learn about the nuances of this prestigious ancient craft form of Jaipur Blue Pottery.

They tried their artistic flair on inscribing designs, patterns and filling it with vibrant oxide colors of cobalt and copper on the tiles.

Nupur Bordia, CEO Neerja International held an interactive session with the students and TEDx Organizers on the intricate craft form of Blue Pottery.

On an end note the assembled engaged in an exuberant discussion on 'How Art Shapes Our Communities' and the efforts required to preserve our traditional art forms and being supportive to the local artisans.