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Jaipur Blue Pottery A Tribute - Leela Bordia - Neerja-Coffee Table Book

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Jaipur Blue Pottery – a tribute

The vibrant craft traditions of Rajasthan have thrived for centuries and each historical period has made unique contributions to this cultural domain. From the medieval period onwards, close contact between the Rajputs and Mughals led to the Mughal aesthetic strongly influencing the lives of the local rulers which is visible in the Mughal style visible in Rajput forts, palaces, customs, food, clothes and jewellery, arts and crafts. Legend has it that blue pottery came to Jaipur in the early 19th (1835-1880) century when one of its rulers, Sawai Ram Singh II set up the School of Art and encouraged artists and craftsmen from all over the country to come and settle here, a tradition started by his forefathers.


Blue Pottery has seen several ups and downs in its life span of almost 200 years. There was a time when it all but vanished from Jaipur, but the efforts of several concerned people helped to revive this dying art. Today Blue Pottery is a growing industry, an industry that provides business and livelihood to thousands of artisans and this book presents an in-depth look at the fascinating craft of Blue Pottery from its Turko-Persian origins to its present day popularity as Jaipur Blue Pottery.


Author Dr Leela Bordia
Publisher Neerja International Inc.
Seller Neerja International Inc.
Publication Year 2014
ISBN 9788192935003
Language English
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 204 Pages
Edition Indian
Dimensions W: 9.75" X H: 12.5"
Weight 1.6 Kg

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Jaipur Blue Pottery A Tribute - Leela Bordia - Neerja-Coffee Table Book

Jaipur Blue Pottery A Tribute - Leela Bordia - Neerja-Coffee Table Book

Rs. 4,000.00